Monday, 16 February 2009

My trip to Barry Island

Thought I would share a couple of pics from my trip to Barry Island, South wales on Friday Night. Went to visit a couple of friends I met on JAF (Jonas Armstrong Fansite) a couple of years ago... we are now firm friends and hope things stay that way.

This pic is of Janie, Sue, Lucky and myself. Janie and Lucky I met on JAF and I met Sue for the first time that night. She has a very good taste in music so we got on great!! Lucky has a brownie in her mouth which is making her look a bit evil but I think its quite a good picture!

This next pic is of Janie, Sue and myself. I really didnt want to be in that pic so was kinda edging to the edge of the sofa but they managed to get me in lol!

We had a drink, watched Mama Mia and had a right laugh - it was a brilliant night. We then stayed at Luckys house and then I caught the train back to Bristol on Sat morning.

Looking forward to seeing them all again soon!