Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hi and welcome!

Hi im Lyns, I'm 26 married for a year and a half to Andrew. I live in Bristol and work in accounts. I am a keen card maker & cross stitcher - anything to keep my hands busy!
This is a pic of me and Andrew on a trip to London in Dec 08. Was a really nice trip - just popped up for the day and it was really christmassy! I'm doing my typical not smiling thing - one day I will smile normally in a pic

I am a member of various craft forums on the net, and am a keen reader of other peoples blogs so thought it was about time I set one up for myself!

I loooove fairies, angels annything to do with fantasy. My favorite artist is Jessica Galbreth, I adore her work, also Molly Harrison. I am completely in awe of their work and my dream would be to have a house full of their artwork. not sure that hubby would agree though lol!
I have two cats, who are both lush!.... any excuse to show pics of them....
This first one is Chili. He is a Snow Bengal cat, is nearly 3 years ago and is adorable. very much a character - very nosey and very affectionate. We have had him since he was 10 weeks old.
I came up with the name after listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers album one afternoon and thought it was quite a cool distinctive name!

The next one is Bo (named by me again I might add - this time a bit more of a random reason - watching the film Signs with Mel Gibson and Joaqiun Phoenix - Mel Gibsons daughter was called Bo and thought it was really cute!) She is also a Snow Bengal -although her and Chili look a little different, they are related - Cousins I think. She is now about a year and a half old and we have had her since a kitten. She isnt as affectionate as Chili and is quite a sicky cat, but she is lovely all the same!
My main hobbies are card making and cross stitch. I thought I would show off some of my previous work over the next couple of posts! I go through stages of doing either one or nothing, at the moment am into card making big time!
Will come back on tomorrow and upload some pics. Now its time for bed I think! Thanks for reading :) Night Night! x


Lynsey said...

Hi Lynz thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I have added myself as a follower to yours, I look forward to coming back and seeing some of your craft creations!
Hugs Lynsey:)

sharon said...

hi....thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to seeing your makes x

Steph said...

Hi Lyns, lovely to meet you (hubby & the cats), I'm new to blogging too (started middle of January) and can tell you it gets very addictive! Have fun Steph x