Monday, 16 February 2009

A Small selection of cards

This is a small selection of cards that I made for a friend. They are all made from decoupage, pre-bought sheets. I haven't been card making for long and we were both quite pleased with the results! Once again, apologies - they have been subject to my rubbish photography! I am always looking for new items and tips and ideas. I have been working with an artist coming up with our own designs to use on my cards. Will keep you all updated on the progress....

My trip to Barry Island

Thought I would share a couple of pics from my trip to Barry Island, South wales on Friday Night. Went to visit a couple of friends I met on JAF (Jonas Armstrong Fansite) a couple of years ago... we are now firm friends and hope things stay that way.

This pic is of Janie, Sue, Lucky and myself. Janie and Lucky I met on JAF and I met Sue for the first time that night. She has a very good taste in music so we got on great!! Lucky has a brownie in her mouth which is making her look a bit evil but I think its quite a good picture!

This next pic is of Janie, Sue and myself. I really didnt want to be in that pic so was kinda edging to the edge of the sofa but they managed to get me in lol!

We had a drink, watched Mama Mia and had a right laugh - it was a brilliant night. We then stayed at Luckys house and then I caught the train back to Bristol on Sat morning.

Looking forward to seeing them all again soon!

Some of my finished stitchy pieces

Thought I would take this chance to show off some of my previous cross stitch finishes. Am not the best at taking pics of my work so apologies for the poor quality of some of the pics.... any tips greatfully recieved :)

This first piece is a section of Lilly of the Valley by Rachel Anderson. The chart was made by Heaven and Earth Designs.... I just love that website - there are some beautifull pieces on there! I finished this middle of last year and it took me just over a month. It was part of a round robin I took part in with 3 other ladies.

This next piece is called Cool Cats, cant remember who the kit was by but I think it was Sunset or another American companyIt was a christmas present from hubby a couple of years ago and took me about a month and a half to complete

This next piece (left) is a Mirabillia design and is one of my favorite finishes. She took me ages to complete, over a year I think but was definately worth all the hard work I put it. She is Beautiful.

This next item was an exchange piece I made for Eva in Canada. I Stitched thedesign and made it into a small decorative cushion. This is a tatty teddy design and it took me approx 1 month (dreaded back stitch took forever!!)

Next is two of my winnie the pooh pieces. I love these designs and were a joy to stitch (blocks of colour and very easy to follow charts!

Thats it for now, thanks for reading :) x

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hi and welcome!

Hi im Lyns, I'm 26 married for a year and a half to Andrew. I live in Bristol and work in accounts. I am a keen card maker & cross stitcher - anything to keep my hands busy!
This is a pic of me and Andrew on a trip to London in Dec 08. Was a really nice trip - just popped up for the day and it was really christmassy! I'm doing my typical not smiling thing - one day I will smile normally in a pic

I am a member of various craft forums on the net, and am a keen reader of other peoples blogs so thought it was about time I set one up for myself!

I loooove fairies, angels annything to do with fantasy. My favorite artist is Jessica Galbreth, I adore her work, also Molly Harrison. I am completely in awe of their work and my dream would be to have a house full of their artwork. not sure that hubby would agree though lol!
I have two cats, who are both lush!.... any excuse to show pics of them....
This first one is Chili. He is a Snow Bengal cat, is nearly 3 years ago and is adorable. very much a character - very nosey and very affectionate. We have had him since he was 10 weeks old.
I came up with the name after listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers album one afternoon and thought it was quite a cool distinctive name!

The next one is Bo (named by me again I might add - this time a bit more of a random reason - watching the film Signs with Mel Gibson and Joaqiun Phoenix - Mel Gibsons daughter was called Bo and thought it was really cute!) She is also a Snow Bengal -although her and Chili look a little different, they are related - Cousins I think. She is now about a year and a half old and we have had her since a kitten. She isnt as affectionate as Chili and is quite a sicky cat, but she is lovely all the same!
My main hobbies are card making and cross stitch. I thought I would show off some of my previous work over the next couple of posts! I go through stages of doing either one or nothing, at the moment am into card making big time!
Will come back on tomorrow and upload some pics. Now its time for bed I think! Thanks for reading :) Night Night! x