Saturday, 9 July 2011

My New crafty space :D :D

YIPPEEEEE I finally have my own craft space :)its so nice not to have to mess up the dining room table anymore!

its up on the mezanine level overlooking the living room so its not too far away hehe

Nice and tidy at the moment, got some of my fave things on the desk & a couple more bits to add..

This is the top of the desk with my printer / scanner on. It also have my jack Skellington at his desk joining me with his evil plans. A halloween cushion I got in a swap on a xstitch forum a few years ago, and a calligraphy pen which looks nice kept in its box Smile

This is to the side of the desk, there's a ring binder stocked full of papers / some coloured card / decoupage & images etc. Along with a magazine file with all my plain card / acetate & a couple of magazines. to the front of the folder is a fairy box full of scraps of paper, and a "True Blood" book box holding my paper pads.

Also not forgetting my black cat candle holder with a witch on its back.

This is the underneath of the desk.... it has 2 purposes.... one for storage... and the other to hold up the desk hehehe. saying that it is quite sturdy so works well at the moment.

This is just a better picture of the top of the desk. the pictures are not great as it was starting to get dark but I couldn't wait till tomorrow to show everyone :)

There we go Smile I'm sure you didn't expect something normal from me Very Happy



jackiescrafts said...

Woweee this is a fab new craft space Lynsey, I wonder how long it will stay that tidy hehe

Hugs Jackie x

Anonymous said...


Your own crafty space, feels good doesn't it hun...
I can see Andrew may not being seeing an awful lot of you, well you do have to break it

Thanks for showing hun..

Huggies Angel